Pentagon’s SyNAPSE research resulted in an update of core functions of Artificial Interrogator which has been developed by CIA since 1980s. The project was called Analiza and had already elements of machine learning. Currently it is called Joint Assistant and it’s run by IBM power stations at the quantum speedRead More →

  Subliminal mind-control is considered a NLW, as reported by the US Army War College, the Naval Law Review, the US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies, and other sources. In 2005 India Daily mentioned in its, New Advanced Mind Control Techniques Gives a New Flavor to Modern Warfare article, that defense scientistsRead More →

I am experiencing torture and body mutilations done with use of infrasound, ultrasound and wifi. I am tortured by military, they cause interference in my devices, mobile phone, speaker, computer and other electronics around me. They don’t allow me to have a minute for myself,  I am attacked with constantRead More →

Jiddu Krishnamurti Teachings Public Talk, STRESA, ITALY 8th of July, 1933     Question: It has been said that you are really enchaining the individual, not liberating him. Is this true? Krishnamurti: After I have answered this question, you yourself can find out whether I am liberating the individual orRead More →

SOURCE   The explosive story of America’s secret post-WWII science programs, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Area 51 In the chaos following World War II, the U.S. government faced many difficult decisions, including what to do with the Third Reich’s scientific minds. These were the brainsRead More →

SOURCE In this article, we summarize the state-of-science knowledge regarding the associations between hypnosis and brain oscillations. Brain oscillations represent the combined electrical activity of neuronal assemblies, and are usually measured as specific frequencies representing slower (delta, theta, alpha) and faster (beta, gamma) oscillations. Hypnosis has been most closely linkedRead More →