Pentagon’s SyNAPSE research resulted in an update of core functions of Artificial Interrogator which has been developed by CIA since 1980s. The project was called Analiza and had already elements of machine learning. Currently it is called Joint Assistant and it’s run by IBM power stations at the quantum speedRead More →

IF YOU LIKE THIS, YOU WILL LOVE THAT / ALGORITHMS / Manchester 2013 / Adam Curtis and Massive Attack   Dear Mr Curtis I deeply appreciate your work. I’ve seen a number of your documentaries and they have dramatically changed my perception of politics and have provided a much neededRead More →

I am experiencing torture and body mutilations done with use of infrasound, ultrasound and wifi. I am tortured by military, they cause interference in my devices, mobile phone, speaker, computer and other electronics around me. They don’t allow me to have a minute for myself,  I am attacked with constantRead More →

SOURCE: OXFORD ACADEMIC – Social history of medicine Musical Hypnosis: Sound and Selfhood from Mesmerism to Brainwashing  James Kennaway Published: 05 October 2011 Music has long been associated with trance states, but very little has been written about the modern western discussion of music as a form of hypnosis or ‘brainwashing’.Read More →