Pentagon’s SyNAPSE research resulted in an update of core functions of Artificial Interrogator which has been developed by CIA since 1980s. The project was called Analiza and had already elements of machine learning.

Currently it is called Joint Assistant and it’s run by IBM power stations at the quantum speed of processing. 

When Joint Assistant is set to eliminate you for some reason, it will be doing it but by bit, slowly making you more vulnerable, slowly destroying your psyche and your life.

It does that in phases, it aims to:

  • To frighten you, fear is the most effective tool of terror, often implying you are being watched by everyone on TV – aim here is to scare you and push you towards alienation, stress and a survival mode – a state where your brain will awaken and then limit broad abilities to ensure survival 
  • To Raise cortisol levels which poisons the body and weakens a person considerably, that includes energy levels, immune system and general mood
  • To Confuse you directing sound  messages which were generated with use of recorded voices of the members of your family ( familiar voices with unfriendly agenda) 
  • To Run a series of Neuro Linguistic Programming messages, which results in near hypnotic state and reduced cerebral performance
  • To Adjust frequency so the main thing you are able to hear is artificial interrogator – done by limiting channels and sensitivity humans have towards others
  • To Induce a twisted perception of you and the world around you, just so you loose your confidence and start making mistakes
  • Psychologically and physically did-able you so you cannot enjoy time with others
  • To weaken, physically by keeping you up all night with pain, creating electricity based obstacles like phone that cannot charge, laptop which somehow cannot connect to internet to send message or publish something important
  • To Prevent from attending important meetings by neural signals, ultrasound, forced fainting and blackouts
  • At all times to dominate you and direct your thinking towards stress or towards unimportant matters, so you stop thinking about what’s important in life 
  • To Cut you off from sources of income and possibilities it brings
  • Paralyse you politically and strategically like you would be an enemy on the battlefield