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IF YOU LIKE THIS, YOU WILL LOVE THAT / ALGORITHMS / Manchester 2013 / Adam Curtis and Massive Attack IF YOU LIKE THIS, YOU WILL LOVE THAT / ALGORITHMS / Manchester 2013 / Adam Curtis and Massive Attack


Dear Mr Curtis

I deeply appreciate your work. I’ve seen a number of your documentaries and they have dramatically changed my perception of politics and have provided a much needed commentary of current and past events.

I am writing to you to bring your attention to a programme of social cleansing, which is affecting thousands of people worldwide.
It is a secret programme run by joint efforts of secret agencies, in my understanding. I trust you are familiar with the group named ‘Five Eyes’ which has grown and currently encompasses over 20 countries. It screens all of the cellular communication, internet traffic and satellite communication.

The essence of this programme is to discredit people seen as dissidents, people who for some reason have been categorized as a threat to the system and it’s stability.

System here is the economic machine that brings profits to a network of corporations.

Goals of the programme:

  • Alienation from the society (people are happy when among other people)
  • Aggression towards immediate environment
  • Deception as to the nature of the programme, To be ridiculed and labeled deluded when victim decides to speak / whistleblowing

The results:

  • suicides
  • gradually whole attention is taken away from a normal life they used to live
  • people are locked away in mental health units
  • mistrust towards government
  • conspiracy theories: microwave torture, gang stalking,

Lives of innocent people are being destroyed by this inhumane programme. Daily terror of forced chat and lies causes chronic stress which results in brain damage . The high levels of stress lead to an early cancer.

By the means of hypnosis and NLP, one is pulled into a mind destroying game played by military Artificial Intelligence who runs a ready script, written and perfected over the years.
Now we know it is possible in the business, thanks to NLP and Robotic Process Automation one could set the algorithm to sell their goods or services. Why would they not set up an algorithm to persecute and harass a person to the point where they cannot stand this anymore? Please imagine a computer software that have been programmed to approach a client/target and communicate with him, to find our about his/her preferences and market behaviour. This could be already in place as a market research experiment.

If for some reason this technology would come into a wrong hands then consequences could be disastrous. Let’s say KKK getting digitalised and putting their goals in practise thanks to computer and software solutions available today.

IBM Watson, based in Munich is managing IoT and the radio waves that connects them in one system of RFID. To do that it’s using network of cellular antennas, it acts like a one entity.

It reminds me of Echelon system which exist and records all our communication. It records all the voices that could be heard via cellular, landline, satellite communication and fibre optic cables. One of the bases is in Meadwell Hill where some 500 of staff was let go and replaced with Robotic Process Automation.

It has a network of powerful radars and satellites and it regularly charges my body wirelessly, especially the Water in my body: cochlea liquid, cerebrospinal liquid, blood.

Echelon or rather it’s AI called Joint Assistant is burning my skin with radio waves. I wonder what type of radio waves burns skin within a second or two?
Some say it’s a low EMF but that’s not quite true. Gigahertz and Tetrahertz frequency signals also affect humans. Basic thought is 1Hz, feelings of confusion and anger are at around 19Hz and other thoughts and feelings at other frequency.
Frequency multiplies and becomes a fractal like, signal to which humans respond at the slowest denominator.

In the past mind and mass manipulation was coming via electrical cables and fluorescent flickering light, which have the power to hypnotise. Now we have smart power grid and still electrical hum is used to affect us all.

Recent development of VoCo and a WaveNet have triggered exponential advancement in computer generated voice. What till recently was believed to be a mental case, now need to be re-examined as technology advancements have gone beyond what we commonly believe is possible and what is not.

Recent news from US Army regarding infrared lasers which can cause sound fields and generate energy.

Thousands of people around the world is suffering from the way how we use sensors, internet and other features. The selection has started but DO NOT think you’ll be able to change something or have a influence on some stuff in your life. Robotic Process Automation will guide you straight to disaster, slowly and surely using fear and pain, mutulation, and destructive psychological torture. As it’s acting one to one, it tries to keep it quiet. Just like an agent of CIA would try to silence the uncomfortable witness who intends to fight for justice in court.

Techniques used by IBM are not much different from Stasi, KGB or CIA. I know you won’t let this to be recognised or acknowledged, however we are going through a second HOLOCAUST right now, this time, delivered by Algorithms and software companies. No surprise it’s IBM making it happen, they have gained experience in the past counting Jews in Auschwitz and the value of their possessions, so called Argentinian Gold.

Brexit means Brexit for some. For me it means indefinite leave to remain, the right I gained long time ago. It would not be guaranteed that chat and convincing me would work, so Polish Grom and British MI5 decided to frighten me, fool me and produce a fake HMRC inquiry, to change my public image and affect my actions.

If it would not be by force and with violation of my human rights, I would be able to get guided. However great injustice done to me created a ball of pain. You will not succeed, I’m afraid, I won’t be another of your terror spreading, frustrated innocent people.

Zersetzung is back, Artificial Intelligence is ruthless in pushing me towards greater pain and frustration. The personality is changing. Levels of cortisol are raised and kept this way, soon the cancer will appear.
Morale still incredibly high for three years spent in torture, misinformation, fear and humiliation.

Photonics might be the future of our cities and our homes, however terror and fear should not be.

I can see various moves and attempts to discredit me and put me into a mental hospital, however I see its political and UK Government could do better than this to put in life Brexit vote, fabricated by Cambridge Analytica.

I do understand it is a collaboration of Polish and British forces, I’m not the first one in this situation and not the last one. Plenty of Poles recently have taken their lives, ended up deported dead or imprisoned; as they were provoked to the point of boiling blood. Robotic Process Automation could have been serving humanity instead of torturing innocent people and destroying them internally. Thanks to generous donations from Google and Goldman Sachs, Warsaw will have a Google Office for some time and Poles won’t be the source of anger and the reason for all the negativity that is affecting Britain at present.

For me personally it was a missold live idea. Home Office promised citizenship for a productive work and being of a good character. However when it came to the point when one could be awarded, burocracy and vague political correctness in the refusal letter overtook good character and fairness. I still could prove that this was a setup, not a truthful process but a fixed European Referendum, just like the Brexit vote.

Lives of thousands of immigrants, including Poles were played with. What for one may ask? Simply, to gain advantage, attract the brightest talent, observe and copy the formula that lies at the core of their success and then get rid of them when they start understanding what is really happening.
Now UK is proud to call itself a centre for innovation and new, lucrative creativity.

In the meantime those who came here hoping to build something out of their education, effort and hard work; end up in psychiatric wards, disturbed by machine learning, hypnosis and brain damage.

What kind of Liberty is this?

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