Polish citizens were the subject of the activities of US intelligence services

Poles were the subject of the activities of the US

– So far there are no facts that could confirm that Polish citizens were the subject of the activities of US intelligence services – said the head of the Interior Ministry Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, supervising special services. He added that the whole thing is “alarming”.


The Minister pointed out that the issue deals with the Internal Security Agency. – She leads this kind of recognition, and she decides whether we are dealing with the fact that threats interests of the state or not – said Sienkiewicz Polsat News.

– So far there are no facts in the public sphere, which could confirm that Polish citizens were the subject of the activities of the US, and the whole thing is so disturbing that Poland both as a member of the European Union, perhaps as an independent country, ask the American side to ask for clarification, because this issue sparked quite significant controversy between Europe and the United States – said Sienkiewicz.

He stressed that no state can afford it, that even close ally develops to him “some kind of offensive for tracking.” – If someone is monitored on the network, the possibility of finding out about this, he was monitored to be monitored are limited, so we hope to get this on a more precise knowledge of the state, which is also an ally and Polish, and Europe – he added the head of the Interior Ministry.

He noted that in such cases the reaction is usually fixed and the form of expression dissatisfaction, such as protest notes, to name a few. – Minister Sikorski (Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ed.) Has any options in this area, and probably it will be largely a matter of his decision – he said Sienkiewicz.

Speaking about the former employee of US intelligence Edward Snowden, head of the Interior Ministry said: “We are dealing with a phenomenon very often recently encountered in the world, that is, people who are suspected of crimes or are criminals, and at the same time have very nearly the status celebrity. Snowden is one Site sought by the United States as a criminal and a traitor, and on the other hand, it has become a global celebrity. ”

– It is not by chance that for some people what he’s told is proof of the existence of Big Brother, which tracks, invigilates and trying to break all the rules of civil liberties and freedom regardless of the legal provisions. The problem that we have is not that these actions were conducted against American citizens, but that it could also be carried out, or at least such as are reports of media, to nationals of other countries – Sienkiewicz said.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk yesterday that reports of spying by US intelligence of the EU is “a serious problem for the US reputation“. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, in turn, assured that Poland will demand an explanation for the activity of the US National Security Agency (NSA) to the Polish and European Union.

The European Commission reiterated on Monday that he was waiting for an explanation of the US authorities on the reports of spying by the NSA and the EU member states.

Edward Snowden , accused by US authorities for disclosure of confidential information regarding electronic surveillance conducted by the US secret services, from 23 June staying in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, where he flew in from Hong Kong. His passport was revoked by the US authorities, which insist on individual countries that did not allow Snowden for onward journey.

Hard-hitting WikiLeaks reported that Snowden has asked for asylum 19 states; These are: India, China, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela and Poland.