US considered a terrorist organisation

One may consider USA behaving as a bully or a terrorist when starting wars with other countries.

One reason to support that would be that USA does not fight to protect their land or people but it does interfere in other countries politics, bringing war, destruction and terror upon the innocent people.

There are no great powers in the Western hemisphere; we have no “peer competitors” anywhere (though China may become one sooner if we keep squandering our power foolishly); and there is no country anywhere that could entertain the idea of attacking America without inviting its own destruction. We do face a vexing terrorism problem, but that danger is probably exaggerated, is partly a reaction to our tendency to meddle in other countries, and is best managed in other ways. It’s really quite ironic: Because the American homeland is safe from serious external dangers (which is a good thing), Americans have the luxury of going abroad “in search of monsters to destroy” (which is not). If Americans were really worried about having to defend our own soil against a powerful adversary, we wouldn’t be wasting time and money on feel-good projects like the Libyan crusade. SOURCE

Another reason that supports this claim is the fact US economy is thriving on wars and military investments.

Americans became convinced that it was wrong to spend tax revenues on things that would help their fellow citizens (like good schools, health care, roads, and bridges, high-speed rail, etc.), but it was perfectly OK to tax Americans (though of course not the richest Americans) and spend the money on foreign wars. SOURCE

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