This is unusual story and perhaps it is hard to believe such a thing would be possible, however I would like to ask to consider the research articles and evidence I collected over the months of my persecution. They are supporting my report and prove that modern science make it possible, cheap and efficient to monitor and control human population.

Governments of many countries have introduced new laws that would allow them more intrusion in our liver in the name of war on terror. However this intrusion is a greater terror than the one done by explosion, as it destroys innocent people who were for some reasons put on the list of suspects. This kind of intrusion in the name of interrogation violates human rights. In some cases the special agent mutilates cerebral abilities of a target, causing life long disability,  similar to the Alzheimer disease.

I have been a target of regular unpleasant interrogation held by special services agent. It started in July 2015 and it was occurring on regular basis.

It might sound strange but I have discovered I have been hypnotised.

I noticed I started responding to voice comments given by an agent.

After hearing voice command, I replied by reciting earlier unknown short rhyme, or I spoke in given language.

When I write and look for words in my head, the agent is monitoring and attacking my Broca area by stimulating my nerves, connections with ultrasound, which applied to brain is resulting in Lorentz forces activation. This application of ultrasound causes little shocks of electric charge in my brain and results in sudden flashback, a feeling forgetfulness. After which I can’t remember what I’ve just said or done.
This has been ongoing and worsening over the period of months. It was a terror style conversation, very aggressive on agent’s site, where I was verbally abused and lied to. The nature of those daily conversations is psychological operation which aims to eliminate me from the society.

The agent is trying to affect my perception by implying, inducing, projecting and if necessary an electrical stimulation. His ultimate task is to make me want to commit suicide or at least make me end up in prison. He is spinning my thoughts to go fearful, aggressive or hateful, by imposing on me words which would cause a disgust or aggressive reaction.
Agent is playing to me only fragments of words and he is listening to my response. This way he is mapping my brain looking at the electric firing corresponding to words, phrases, tasks, skills or specific language.
He is trying to pinpoint and disable some of the specific connections in the brain. Agent is asking additional questions like “Did you remember this or you just made this up?” This way he identifies the active part of the suspect’s brain and proceeds to electrically stimulate it. The agent was causing electrical shocks to the brain connections responsible for my short term memory.


He has been executing a plan of long daily conversations, forced on me. I did not accept or agree to any of this.


The technique has been chosen strategically so it would cause victims self exclusion from society, by being branded a mental case.  The technique is based on technology of radio frequency and new computerised radar system, which is monitoring and stimulating the target via the electrical devices around him. Stimulation is done using short pulsed ultrasound.

The operating agent is monitoring conversations of cellular conversations and all global internet data. He is listening in for key words and phrases and if there is a match, he adds a person to a particular list, such as i.e. terrorist threat suspect. The agent is also monitoring your Google searched phrases, online purchases, spending habits and he analyses us.

When a person is added to the suspect list and there is some alarming evidence or suspicion, the person might be qualified to be disarmed. This is what I have been subjected to.

I’m a victim of special services agency who have damaged my short term memory to the extend where I cannot remember what I wrote a few seconds ago. They were acting to satisfy a directive/need of a British client. 
I was disarmed because I was taken as a threat to the stability of the system by exposing the secret operation done on behalf of country’s security.

The agent is running a conversation and he gradually destroys targeted connections in the brain. In my case this was short term memory.


Writing this report was an overwhelming task, as my attention span has been cut so much that I’m unable to function and support myself. I have been made redundant from a super – intelligent, Mensa levelled IQ to a mental incapacity, within a couple of months of daily attacks.

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