information age

We live in a world where information is being withheld from us. The governments and corporations are exploiting people and they benefit from the lack of information.

Can you imagine a world where information is shared and accessible free of charge for everyone, helping them expand their knowledge, for the benefit of the society.

It’s 2018 and not much has change since the medieval times where information was withheld from the crowd in order to manipulate them easily.

Changes in government policies led to changes in the higher education and reduced significantly the number of students.

Government has even launched a campaign that communicated to young people that university is not really necessary in live, that it’s boring and all you have at the end of it is debt to be paid.

Governments of all countries have been making steps towards decreasing a number of educated people.

As they are empowered to stand for themselves and form a force that has alternative goals or values.

Therefore in places like Germany, USA, Russia, China and many other, governments have introduced programs that identify and suppress leaders of opposition, writers and philosophers who might bring about a change.

Governments and big corporations see change as a threat to their security, a threat to people in power.

In Germany after the II World War they have introduced such a programme.Zersetzung essentially as a means of psychological oppression and persecution, it is a psychological warfare technique that was first used by Stasi, a secret police of Germany.

The goal of Zersetzung was to fight the leaders of opposition by informal methods.


The explosion in Chernobyl led governments to see a threat in unforeseen events, therefore they started to do analysis and predictions to be able to see in advance that a major event is going to happen. The governments needed this information to prepare for this and be ready to deal with whatever is going to happen. What if governments could predict what is going to happen and prevent it from happening?

Well, that question led us to present moment. We have a climate change threat but we won’t switch to fuel-less cars as the large amount of corporations and people are taking profit from the fuel burning cars.
The corporations have started to lobby and support political parties who would help them become or maintain a market leader position. In the fight for profit and leader market position, corporations are playing unfair game which comes with a cost to the end consumer.

Capitalism have achieved a new level, it has become a tyranny, it is now a Totalitarian Capitalism, where there are no values other than profit.

In 1886 radio waves have been discovered, a year later Hertz has done extensive research into this subject and categorized them. Shortly after, in 1890 first radio transmission has been made possible. If you would ask an average person, living in those times, what radio waves are, how they work and how it is possible that there is sound of a talking men from a wooden box, they surely would not be able to answer that. They had no clue, it was not a common knowledge and even now over 100 years later, not everyone would be able to explain it precisely.

Science and technology have progressed so quickly and so far over last decades, we have a trouble with catching up on the newest and most interesting discoveries.

What seemed to me impossible, to my surprise have already been discovered or developed to a frightening extend. Research into brain or new technological developments in the wireless communication are jaw dropping.

Below you can find a collection of research findings with supportive commentary. The evidence presented is quite fragmented, however very relevant. It highlights the key advancements in science and technology that support claims of the people who are the victims of modern day zersetzung.

Subliminal messages are forbidden however one can find them in TV programmes, music videos, movies, documentaries and also computer software. Subliminal messages influence people’s subconscious and could cause a harmful impact on their health. 
These subliminal messages are in fact conditioning a viewer to the involuntary hypnosis. Hypnosis might be aimed at placing executable commands which can activate a hypnotised person and make them act upon the command we placed in their psyche.

Spared jail: Man who tried to enter Parliament after threat to kill MP TRISTAN KIRK TONY PALMER Friday 6 October 2017 11:10 Click to follow The Evening Standard Banned from UK: Polish-born Andrzej Gajowniczek Banned from UK: Polish-born Andrzej Gajowniczek ( ) A Polish man who threatened to kill Theresa May’s chief of staff while armed with a kitchen knife has been spared jail. Andrzej Gajowniczek, 25, issued the death threat to Gavin Barwell, who was then Croydon Central MP, at an “open-door” constituency surgery last year. Gajowniczek shouted “I want to kill an MP. Yes, I will come back and kill that MP” as he was hauled away by police, who later found a newly bought knife in his rucksack. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads He was sectioned after the incident and sent back to Poland for mental health treatment, but escaped and slipped back into the UK through Luton airport in March this year. Gajowniczek headed straight to Parliament where he was stopped by Commons security staff, Croydon crown court heard. A judge yesterday agreed not to jail him but instead banned him from the UK for two years and demanded he should be deported as soon as possible. 3gavinbarwell0106a.jpg No 10 chief of staff Gavin Barwell, who was then a Croydon MP, received threats (Lucy Young) The court heard Mr Barwell, appointed to the PM’s Downing Street team shortly after he lost his seat in the 2017 general election, stopped walking to work as a result of the threats and had new locks and a panic alarm installed at his home. Sentencing Gajowniczek to 18 months in prison suspended for two years, Recorder David Brock said: “MPs going about their public duties should be protected from the likes of you. “Those who work in public office must be safe to go about their duties and meet members of the public one-on-one without fear of being abused and threatened with attack in this way.” He imposed a two-year exclusion order on him, adding: “I’m firmly of the view you should be deported as soon as reasonably practicable, but that’s out of my control.” The court heard Gajowniczek ranted “I could attack you, I could kill you” when he went to Mr Barwell’s constituency surgery in Croydon on June 3 last year. “He was pacing up and down making wild allegations,” said prosecutor Graeme Molloy, adding that Gajowniczek was asked to leave after making claims about corruption and pay-offs. He told police: “I want to kill an MP. Yes, I will come back and kill that MP.” Officers discovered the knife in his bag when he was searched later at the police station. Gajowniczek was sectioned and then sent to a Polish mental hospital for treatment, but escaped and evaded UK border security as he slipped back into the country on March 27. “Later that day he tried to gain entry to the Houses of Parliament and was stopped,” said Mr Molloy. Gajowniczek pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment of Mr Barwell and also admitted possession of a knife. Mr Barwell has been approached by the Standard for comment.